Thursday, January 28, 2010


Enough is one word, which this lass has not found in her version of dictionary. Or maybe she has got it surgically removed from the dictionary, while undergoing one herself. Bold, beautiful and totally bohemian. This girl has always spoken her mind (even if that meant gibberish?!?!?!). The thought of right or wrong has probably never bothered her as much as not being in limelight would have strained her brain. She shares a love-all relationship with the media. While the media loves her for providing them with juicy details every now and then, she loves the media for keeping her in the main headlines (Trust me folks, this particular news was flashed on the front page of ToI online edition). Come on, you should have guessed he name by now. The mother of all controversies – Rakhi Sawant!

Be it dancing her way through the controversies or been kissed through the controversies, Rakhi has done it all. She has added a new feather to her cap by taking punga, this time with the censor board. She has allegedly created ballyhoo over censor board’s running a scissor over the usage of word “kameeni” in her forthcoming album titled Jhagda. I must say, what a title and what a word to fight for. Who else can manage to come out with such names, which are provocative and not up to the snuff, other than our Queen of item numbers? Guess, when it comes to Ms. Sawant, all becomes fair! Looks like using foul languages and slangs have become the latest fad in the Indian film industry, and Rakhi definitely does not wish to remain untouched by it. Nevertheless, this time Rakhi Sawant has blamed the censor board for meting out step motherly treatment to her, by censoring the word “Kameeni” in her music album, while letting go the biggies of bollywood, even though they have been using similar words in the past. Ms. Sawant has even given censor board committee a week’s time to lift the ban, after which she would sit on a bhook hadtal.
Non-violence at it’s best, I must say. Gandhiji must have never thought that his tools would be so rampantly used in the modern Indian from netas to the celebs, albeit for frivolous issues.

If we divert our attention from the affectations of this great ├ęclat, it would be quite interesting to note that Rakhi Sawant is actually (surprisingly) posing a right question to the censor board. Startling that it may sound, the recent success (both critical and commercial) of “Kaminey” movie does make one wonder if the censor board is being biased. Censor board equally enjoyed the movie, while permitting the usage of a slang word as a title. We have literally lived our childhoods listening to the famous dialogue of Dharmendra “Kaminey main tera khoon pee jaung”. Never have we heard censor board running its scissor on such dialogues or titles. So what is the big deal about Rakhi Sawant using the same word in her song? Lets see, what plausible reasons can censor board come up with, to justify its stand.

a)     Kameeni is more derogatory than Kaminey – Is it because it addresses to fairer section of our society? If that’s true, then what about the numerous “Ma..Bahen..” gaalis being mouthed in the Indian cinemas, more often now than before?

b)    Rakhi Sawant using that word is more derogatory – She still is better than our ex-PM Mr. H.D. Deve Gowda who verbally raped B.S. Yeddyurappa after one parliamentary session, just few days ago.

c)     WTF!!!! Rakhi paid us to censor that word – You know why  :) .. Birth of a new controversy.

Knowing Rakhi Sawant, it is not difficult to gesticulate that her album would be centrally and peripherally revolving around titillating and sensuous acts.
So be it. Censor board has not objected to those things. Whatever be the reason behind this new drama, do you think it is high time that censor board becomes more transparent in its functioning, and less prejudice towards the low brows of the filmdom? Or do you think that Rakhi Sawant is barking up the wrong tree by putting up this fight?


  1. Madhumita,

    Nicely articulated. We can ask RS to use wikipedia as an alibi... per Wiki...

    Kamina is a city in Haut-Lomami Province, Democratic Republic of the
    Congo. It is located at around 8°44′19″S 24°59′26″E / 8.73861°S
    24.99056°E / -8.73861; 24.99056Coordinates: 8°44′19″S 24°59′26″E /
    8.73861°S 24.99056°E / -8.73861; 24.99056. It is the capital of
    Haut-Lomami Province.

    KAMINI (Kalpakkam Mini reactor) is a research reactor at Indira Gandhi
    Center for Atomic Research in Kalpakkam, India. Its first criticality
    was on October 29, 1996. It produces 30kW of thermal energy at full

    The purpose for which censor board has rejected this is defeated.
    Through media, all people already know about it and will be now all
    the more eager to see the album, as to what was objectionable.

    Just as we have A grade movies, we can have A grade songs. The
    question is how would you stop a minor listen to it (as though we can
    stop them in any case!!!).

    Our censor board is full of hypocrites. There are expletives all over
    bollywood. Kameeni is nothing ! I am waiting for a sequel for
    Kameni.......haraamzaari (for haraamkhor)...

  2. well, thats quite an interesting thing, which i wasn't aware of! Thanks Ashish :)

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