Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sinful Desires - to Be With or Not to Be With.....

There are moments in our life when paradox abodes with unreserved determination; a determination which envelops everything else around you, including your ability and willingness to think.

… Sometimes you just feel like being in the moment, and living it thoroughly; even though it might last only for a second. Yes, it might be sinful, but don’t you experience a high never felt before (at least not in a long time). It has been very aptly quoted by someone that all good things in life are either fattening, tempting or sinful! Quite a few things in life makes me believe this saying. Perhaps if you take an honest look at your own life, you would also agree with this saying and me.

How difficult is it to refrain oneself from such lures? This definitely varies from individual to individual, but I am sure that none would find it easy to do so.
Sometimes you feel like moving away from the clear demarcations of what is right and wrong and just listen to the innermost desire of your heart. A moment when your heart urges you to break away from the stillness setup in your life and get indulged with a thing which could re-ignite the newness and give you a feeling of supreme connection.

Yes, there are such moments in our life and trust me folks accepting it makes life somewhat less ambiguous. You might feel torn between the dogmas of ethics knitted by people for ages now, but the choice is yours. Decisions are seldom wrong; their executions are frequently.

Being humans, maybe we could avail ourselves with the prerogative of erring sometimes. Who knows, perhaps an erring might set your soul on a path of happiness.

Aren’t we supposed to do things which would keep us happy (being selfish at times might just do the trick for us)? Sometimes it’s necessary to take a chance and experience that something sinful and live your life at least for that moment. It might be worth!