Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sinful Desires - to Be With or Not to Be With.....

There are moments in our life when paradox abodes with unreserved determination; a determination which envelops everything else around you, including your ability and willingness to think.

… Sometimes you just feel like being in the moment, and living it thoroughly; even though it might last only for a second. Yes, it might be sinful, but don’t you experience a high never felt before (at least not in a long time). It has been very aptly quoted by someone that all good things in life are either fattening, tempting or sinful! Quite a few things in life makes me believe this saying. Perhaps if you take an honest look at your own life, you would also agree with this saying and me.

How difficult is it to refrain oneself from such lures? This definitely varies from individual to individual, but I am sure that none would find it easy to do so.
Sometimes you feel like moving away from the clear demarcations of what is right and wrong and just listen to the innermost desire of your heart. A moment when your heart urges you to break away from the stillness setup in your life and get indulged with a thing which could re-ignite the newness and give you a feeling of supreme connection.

Yes, there are such moments in our life and trust me folks accepting it makes life somewhat less ambiguous. You might feel torn between the dogmas of ethics knitted by people for ages now, but the choice is yours. Decisions are seldom wrong; their executions are frequently.

Being humans, maybe we could avail ourselves with the prerogative of erring sometimes. Who knows, perhaps an erring might set your soul on a path of happiness.

Aren’t we supposed to do things which would keep us happy (being selfish at times might just do the trick for us)? Sometimes it’s necessary to take a chance and experience that something sinful and live your life at least for that moment. It might be worth!


  1. I respect your thoughts. According to me there is nothing like right and wrong unless you do not harm the people around you. What is not acceptable today might be acceptable tommorrow. I know that it is very difficult for an individual to refrain form such lures but what after you have sinned?..we are unhappy again. The same thing happens when you buy a new gadget or jewellery. I dont think such happiness will last for a long time. Well if you ask me i do not believe in momentary happiness. These things are so volatile. For me happiness is a sense of satisfaction from which you never get bored. Your soul is united with the supreme and you feel one among the cosmos, someone who is born on this earth for a purpose, for a greater cause and have achieved it.

  2. I agree with what you have said. It's very true that happiness last momenttraly. If you wait for permanent happiness to come than one may not enjoy the temporary hapiness. The essence of temporary hapiness is to add spice to youe lifr to make it wonderful which catalyse your ambition to achieve more happiness and boost your confidence towards the existence of eternal bliss and connection with almighty. When you make youself free from this worldly pleasures you really enjoy that moment. Somebody said like when you fall from some hight you feel as if you are disconnected from the world,neverthless you enjoyed the moment. Again that is for a moment may be,but still worthwhile.

  3. Hi Shil....
    yes some happiness is momentary, but nevertheless it could be completely rejuvinating for ur soul n mind....
    regret after the sin is very likely but again it becomes ur call...if u really wanna indulge in it or maybe wait for something more substantial to come across your i said decisions are seldom wrong, their executions are think and act...

  4. Hi Manish...
    sometimes we spend all our life waiting for a big happiness and miss out on the lil moments which cud fill our life wth unfading ecstacy....this definitely is risky....coz the aftermath has also to be borne by you...
    ..all i wanted to convey thru this article is that all of us exp such monets in life and we need to be honest abt it...
    Cheers !

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  7. Life is a Paradox, people want certainty in life but too much will lead to boredom so then they look for uncertainty and surprises... I really believe, there is a reason for everything in this life, but the consequences we face as a human, good or bad is because of the choices we make.
    Everyone in this world is looking for something, and chooses different vehicles for only one goal, i.e. peace and happiness, therefore there are people who commit crime by joining gangs where they get a community love and there are people who join a church or a temple where they get eternal love .what can you see common in these two kind of people?? Love right!!!
    I strongly believe whatever we do momentarily or everlasting is because we all are looking for something and that is perhaps to be significant in this world, and at times everything seems unbiased and normal. The only difference in a sinful way of acquiring 'happiness' (which is only temporary) is that it will always lead us to repent, remorse and emotional destruction in longer term, but a carefully taken positive action, will always result in longer term happiness and not to forget that there will be temporary difficulties, but those challenges are only there to make the person stronger...
    However have you ever noticed why a confident thief never gets caught but a small sign of guilt makes his life miserable and makes him end up in a closed prison cell…. Just because of Guilt?? What is it, where does it come from??
    I always had these random questions back in my head for a while like... what is a sin? What is holly? Why do we feel pain? Who am i? Why are we born? Why in this world? What is mine or our purpose? Why we are the strongest species of all? What is this secret law of attraction Rhonda Byrne talks about? And last but not the least who is God??
    well trust me (not that I have killed anyone!! :)), but try to do something bad and sooner or later you will know that it was wrong, guilt (and unexplained sudden inside enlightenment against evil ), repent , remorse and psychosomatic uneasiness like headaches won’t let you live , and all just for a short term happiness , but long term pain .But DO something good , you will experience short term pain but definitely a long term happiness .. Strange right! So what is this Karma thing and how does it work?
    I have been reading lots of philosophy books, had relationship experience, met lots of business people across the world, practiced meditation, visited monastery, churches and temples met some top psychologists in Europe and Australia, and am not writing all this to boast or say what are my achievements and how good or bad I have lived my life … I did all this in search of truth and ultimate peace, tranquility, serenity, perhaps connection to a supreme body but still little did I have found..That there is something....
    And that something is like a supernatural force in this universe which has a strong system, its everywhere around us, omnipotent, it is perhaps named by us human as god, and I believe he is a god of love, He does listens to our prayers, he forgives us when we pray and ask for forgiveness, and he fulfills our wishes and dreams ...but he wants us to stick to a system..Let’s just contemplate on some general topics to ease up things a little what is >>
    Science - perhaps a system-attetion of knowledge by logical reasoning for human welfare which is all about big ban, singularity principals, quantum mechanics, parallel universe and triangular theories.
    Religion- is perhaps gossip from the past and form of some core rituals, traditions and beliefs .In the past when people had nothing much to do and had no electricity, they introduced religion/s (For every era what I think there must have been an Einstein and he must have written something). And a way to gain significance as a leader of an organization but not a true connection to god!!
    Cult – standout dictatorships ,like Hitler, sense of importance forming a group of followers. Similar to religion.
    Brain waves – part of science but perhaps a spiritual explanation of alpha, gamma, beta waves, thought process, visualization, conscious and subconscious minds, audiovoyancy and clairvoyance, Holosync theories (too complicated to write).
    All that is good, still how can I describe GOD!! - Possibly a combination of Truth, hope, faith, visualization, LOVE, a random act of kindness, help, non sinful activity as for the ‘existing system?’, positive attitude……
    For the creator of this beautiful too perfect earth and this Universe.... all this is what I can think and try but GOD for me is still too big and complicated to be defined ...but for what I have experienced in depth, he has created us for a reason and for that he loves us...
    So if you still want to choose a sinful activity for a temporary satisfaction,……. think again!!!! There will be prices to pay.....but you will always have a choice!!!

  8. @ Max,

    Whoa...that was truly a blog under blog ;)

    All said n done, the crux of the many many thoughts expressed remains just one - Take it or Leave it, the choice is yours.

    But how often are we able to make the right choice ..after all aren't we all susceptible to get allured at some point or the other ?