Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The only thing that you need to do is keep talking….isn't is as Floyd Bhai says….

Since last night I have been pondering over a statement made by one of my friend who also happens to be a very good writer…or should I say blogger… During our conversation about some other blogger (who happens to write so frequently that all other bloggers can well be put to shame), he said that it was important (and commendable too) for one's thoughts to flow smoothly and regularly.I couldn't disagree with him, but couldn't understand how does one manage to churn so many thoughts so frequently and with so much variation????

Not that I doubt the thinking capabilities of our fellow beings, but our conscience stands alibi to the quality of thinking our brain often indulges into. I bet none of us would ever want to pen down those thoughts especially in a public forum like web-logs (Some exceptions would still defy this and impose their filthy thoughts on the reading screens of blog lovers).

Anyway, let me not digress from the point of my amusement. Incessant flow of awe-inspiring thoughts and experiences……………

So while I was listening to my friend, I was also compelled to think why couldn't I churn out ideas in a well written piece of article, which could be read, enjoyed (and appreciated) by people? Suddenly a feeling of self consciousness dawned upon me and I began to doubt the capabilities of my brain and its productivity. A single look at my blog made me realize how frequently (??) I have been able to flirt with my thoughts and tweak them for satiating the writer in me. Trust me there isn't anything to boast about.

After I had denigrated myself enough I realized that it was time for me to provide some panacea for my bruised soul. I picked up my laptop and sat down to generate some thoughts which could be worth reading. I thought of recollecting some moments from my childhood and weaving a nice article around it, but all my brain could think was the endless morning assemblies, grilling PT sessions, unfathomable physics classes and the inability to bunk classes….. Alas too many things on list which did not deserve any mention anywhere….. So I traveled a little further in my life and took a halt at my college days.

College…the name itself tinkers the nostalgic chord of the brain. Four years of fun, four years of friendship, four years of love-hate relationships and a lot more. Some incidents and some people get so deeply embedded in your memory that sharing my feelings about them might not do any justice, now or later. Those four years have etched quite a few memorable reminiscences, which would always pull me back to my yore days even when I turn 60!
Post College, these four years have been filled with plenty of ups and down, but I fail to recollect anything which could help the writer in me to sit up and take notice. Yes despite this I consider my life happening.

Phew……. Half of the day has passed by and I couldn't think of anything interesting to write. Has my brain actually become defunct? Now I am beginning to feel a little scared. It does not please me in any fashion. Medically, defunct brain means that you are dead. But that's not possible I can still see, breathe, touch and feel. So that means all my senses are functioning properly.

What is wrong then?
Maybe I belong to specie found in abundance in the world. A specie which has many things to think and wonder about, but not many thoughts to share by belching it on the paper.
I was unnecessarily getting threatened by the specie (mentioned earlier in this blog) who think and churn out historical write-ups. I have realized that my brain can process only few thoughts and even fewer of them could be shared. So all those who are and might read this blog (I hope at least this blog gets read once, apart from my reading) do not get worried if your brain doesn't think and write frequently.

Not writing is definitely preferred over writing nonsense, after all haven't we heard the song from Pink Floyd "Because you are everything,

The only thing that matters…….."
I prefer it this way "Keep talking,
The only thing that matters is your thinking…not writing……."


  1. LOL ! I very much agree with the last line...

    as weird as it might sound..whenever i take a look at any blog; I always read the last para first and then read the whole post :D

  2. Vamshi,
    Yeah this is the case with many wonder it is always stressed upon to start and end any write up interestingly....