Thursday, January 21, 2010

IPL - India Pakistan Ladaai?

While the whole world has been complaining about the change in climate due to global warming, it is hard for me to not notice the very obvious change in the seasons of India. In our country, we celebrate four main seasons with zest – winter, summer, rainy and spring. However, past two years, this festivity has embraced a new season. A season of cricket. A season of IPL. The India Premier League has caught many eyeballs since its days of inception and continues to drive the world of sports, into a historic frenzy each year. IPL gave birth to another star in the galaxy of cricket, albeit not on the field but off the field. Lalit Modi – The founder of Indian Premier League.

In its maiden year (2008), IPL embarked upon its journey with a debate on whether the 20-20 pattern is a flash in a pan or a long lasting phenomenon. In the ensuing year, it kicked off a row of arguments when its venue was shifted from India to South Africa. Despite public apprehensions, IPL managed to generate highest TRPs amongst all other sports at that time and catapulted the status of IPL ceremonies only second to Olympics. It continued to grow bigger and better each time. Glamour and fortune have surrendered themselves to the feet and fate of IPL. It wouldn’t be wrong to call IPL, a controversies’ child. No wonder, even amidst many controversies the popularity of IPL has not seen a dip. As they say, any publicity is a good publicity. And so the IPL enters into its third year. With this month seeing the auctioning of players, the controversies have again draped IPL 3 in it.

The latest news to rock the auctioning procedure of IPL is the total outcaste of Pakistani players. While all the eight IPL teams have lapped up the best players for themselves, none showed interest in bidding for a single Pak player. Media is abuzz with gamut of reasons behind this news. Be it straining Indo-Pak ties, an embargo by the Indian government or a mutual seclusion of Pak players by the IPL franchisees, speculations are rife.

With zillions of money and security of nation on stake, the Indian government and the IPL organizers appear in no mood to take risks, if there are any risks at all. There are too many arguments for and against this move, and it is almost a herculean task to justify any side with little or no information on it. The whole episode appears very tacky when one looks at the past attitude (initiation and tolerance) of India over Pakistan. However even the Indian government has very little options to choose from when Pakistan believes in non-cooperation tactics. With the recent terror attacks on India, the government has to be extra vigilant to ensure such tragedies do not hit the lives of millions of innocent people. The stance may be harsh this time, but sometimes harshness acts better than friendliness, especially when one’s own people are in danger.

I know.. I know.. common man of both these countries wants peace! But, hello! How would peace prevail when so much of hatred and fanaticism is blinding the visions of deciding powers? Anyway, before I digress into politics once again, let me focus back on the IPL.

If rumors are to be believed then the cable operators in Pakistan might boycott telecast of the IPL matches this year. An act of solidarity, fair enough! I am not even surprised at this rumor. Tit-for-tat has been their age-old technique. Grow up!

Had the Pakistani players being included in the IPL teams, no dramatic progress would have been achieved on the India-Pak relationship. When sixty years of efforts from our various governments couldn’t thaw the ice between the nations at loggerheads, I wonder what good this little inclusion would have done? Maybe, it might have not added more bitterness to the already dissolving ties. But who can guarantee that? I am not writing this blog to justify the acts of IPL bodies or the Indian government. I only intend to enjoy IPL 3. Right or wrong, good or bad, IPL still promises to enthrall its viewers like in the past. We all had thought, that shifting of IPL to South Africa would significantly reduce the viewership of IPL in India, but to everyone surprise, the enthusiasm was way beyond the IPL season 1. Haven’t we heard that everything is fair in love and war? This however is Cricket ;)

I am just being an optimist fan this time as well. Pak or no Pak, IPL season is bound to cause hysteria across the length and breadth of the nation. Like all other times, IPL 3 promises of more fun, more excitement, more glamour and more surprises in the months to come. So while the two nations indulge themselves in further ego clashes, being a cricket fan I am looking forward for a spectacular and undeniable adventure saga. Let the game begin roger err.. Modi :) 

...and yes!.. keep watching this space for more updates on the IPL 3 grapevines :D


  1. Pakistani Players surely deserve a reply from the IPL Teams for the disgusting snub handed out to them...god damn they are the T-20 Champions of the World...and they deserve much more than this insult...

    At the same time, the IPL Team owners also are correct as you never know that down the road the Indian Government might had banned Pakistani players due to the Diplomatic Tangles involved and they would have lost the opportunity of bidding for other non-pakistani players available for auction...

    so one can never decide before the IPL Teams speak up and they had been completely silent about the same...which is completely ridiculous...

    Whatever said and done I have lost interest in Cricket for the last few years due to too much of Cricket and I am sure when Sachin hangs his boots, Cricket would rarely be on my to-do list!!!

    You keep writing and providing us the grapevines!!!


  2. As it is very rightly said - ki agar Ghee seedhi ungli se nahi nikle toh Ungli tedi karni padti hai...This is exactly what is being done through the medium of IPL and must say that I am in total agreement to what has happened as we can't keep being so casual about everything and be the daanis by keeping a 'Let Go' attitude.

    No offense to anyone but sometimes you have to act a little harsh and especially when it comes to protecting the people of your country!

    Anyways as you very rightly said being an optimistic fan myself, I too am hoping for an awesome season this time. The excitement multiples by having it in APNA INDIA :)

    And for Cricket I would say - "You love it or hate it but you can't ignore it ;) "

    GREAT Work Maddy! Keep posting :)


  3. Hey madhu.. Well written..

    Keep posting.. :)


  4. Hey Madhumita...well written:)

    IPL is a private event and its absolutely the ownere choice if they want to invite a player or not, which definitely means they arent answerable to anyone. We dont have to answer our neighbour if we havent invited them for a party the previous nite even though they have won the best neighbour award( I know the analogy is weird)...but that is how it is.
    In this case to be honest I dont think its a snub...its just a strategic decision...becos there is no point in buying a player and he never plays for the entire season.

    No offence intended to anyone..

  5. @ Nishant (Che), Karishma, Sai & Gautham....

    As I have said or rather written, IPL is no less than a big masala entertainment... many dramas are yet to be unveiled and many beans are yet to be spilled... with Lalit Modi's recent statement that possibilities to include Pak players, even in the last moment, exists speaks volumes of the thrill that IPL can generate.. Lets wait and watch the play, while the media pockets loads of moolah for itself!

    Stay tuned,


    Madhumita :)

  6. @ Everyone....

    Well said maddy.. Actually we should rather keep the political angle out of the IPL and wait for the dramatic angle to unfold....

    There is already too much of controversy over the inclusion and non inclusion of Pak players. Wwho knows it might be a part of the promotional strategies :)

    Anyways Keep posting