Monday, July 16, 2007

Kalpana Chawla- Rise from the ASH !!

And we all thought that she was dead!!!!

Everyone (including me) had forgotten about her.

No, this was not because her contribution had been overlooked by our country but it’s just the time span which seemed to have covered our memory layers.
May be she didn’t like it and so she is back amidst us.

This time only as a child, a girl child.

The news of Upasana, a young girl, claiming to be a reincarnation of Kalpana Chawla has sent waves of surprise and curiosity in the minds of this entire nation.
This girl who is rumoured to be a reincarnation of kalpana chawla was born to a labourer couple, two months after the unexpected demise of the astronaut in the space.

The surprise element in this story is not the reincarnation factor but the two diametrically opposite backgrounds of the Kalpana Chawla part 1 and part 2!!

The authenticity of this news piece is yet to be established, but a lot of our fellow countrymen have already stamped it true. After all in a country like ours, such stories only appear plausible. Who would bother to find out if there is even an iota of truth in the words mouthed by that li’l girl?

What ever be the reason behind this piece of news doing rounds in the country, we must admit that many of us would want it to be true. Why? Simply because it offers something stimulating to our minds and gives us an opportunity to think beyond our mundane schedules. In layman’s term, it spices up our life!!

The entire gamut of reincarnation is still enigmatic and possesses a big challenge to the world of science. Forget explaining the concept of reincarnation in its entirety, there is no rational theory in today’s world which could remotely demystify this.

A lot has been talked about reincarnation in Hindu Mythology. One who does good in current birth would get a second life filled with happiness.
But Upasana story doesn’t seem to be falling in line with this belief.

Kalpana Chawla was one of the illustrious astronauts and had brought plenty of laurels to our country. Barring her own family, which had snipped all their ties with her (as she had dared to marry not only an outer caste man, but a man from different country altogether!) she has done proud to India. So do you think she would be reincarnating to live a life of pauper? Well, my brain is certainly unable to draw any parallels between the two.

Now, this brings about a very strange observation from my side. The story of Upasana aka Kalpana Chawla doesn’t fit current scientific explanations nor does it seem to be obeying the Indian mythology. It has apparently might have carved a paradigm for itself.

Whether the more logical world of science would be able to benefit from this sensational revelation is all left to the level of inquisitiveness generated by it.

But one entity which would have definitely loved this news the most is “media”. After all, isn’t everyone hungry for scoops and juicy news and who else could cater it so well to millions to people, if not our own media?

Moreover this news appears to be ensuing the latest fad gripping our country…The Sequelsssss….We’ve seen “Dhoom and Dhoom2”, “Koi mil gaya and Krishhh” and if rumours are to believed then even HR…Oops Himesh Reshamiya would like to do “Aap ka suroor2”…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who the hell gives him such torturous ideas....Can somebody tell him that he just cannot ACT!!!

Anyway, picking up the thread of our conversation, I wonder if we are witnessing someone who could become a “Kalpana Chawla 2” in couple of decades or less than that.

This thought alone is sufficient to run a chill down my spine, so I think I would let the scientist unfurl this “supernova” of reincarnation. Till then let media rule the roost of thoughts in people‘s mind. After all aren’t we supposed to hear what they say and believe what they show?

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