Wednesday, July 25, 2007

All the World's...a stage

The stage is set…the throne is adorned….and the Bhavan redecorated….
The festive occasion has come….the grand gala… swearing ceremony for the most coveted Seat in India….The New Face for President of India.
On July 25th, Ms Pratibha Patil would take the oath as new president of India, going down in the history of India as the First lady President!

This is a time for celebration…for raising a toast to the future of India.This is a time for our president to develop a Vision for India…India which could bask in the glory of being numero uno in all major walks of life.This is indeed also a time for going back to some basics.

A monthly salary of Rs.40, 000, a sprawling palatial abode and a bunch of people for “Ji-Huzuri”, is this all our politicians are fighting for?

Madam President, as Pratibha Patil would be called, has been able to rake quite a few controversies since her nomination as Presidential candidate by the current government.

This presidential election saw all. ..Thanks to the much educated and decent political faces of our country…they seem to be uncovering many a scandals, murders, rapes and crimes of similar ilk only during elections. They have numerous weapons for denigrating the character of “opposition’s candidate”. Mud slinging and Tongue lashing becomes the name of the game during elections. However what was unique this season was that the highest seat of Indian democracy was also bestowed with allegations of murder and improper means of wealth creation. What a demure way of exhibiting ones respect for the head of our country!!!!!!!!!!

The sanctity of the President’s post seems to have lost.

While Pratibha Patil basks in the glory of her newly earned title, I wonder what new she would do to make her presence matter.
I feel li’l remorseful in biding farewell to Mr. Kalam.
To me, he represented a brand…an apostle of integrity and knowledge. He was one president after Dr. Radhakrishnan, who succeeded in igniting the young minds and instilling them with the hope and vision for a better India. The others have just completed their tenure and exited peacefully.

There is no gain saying the pride which Pratibha Patil has done to the entire women clan, but aren’t we again becoming gender sensitive? I mean why should it matter if the president of India is a male or a female? Isn’t it more important that a right candidate gets elected and steers the country on the path of prosperity? Perhaps Not!

Power and money have become the cynosure for all politicians. In such a scenario Pratibha Patil doesn’t seem to be giving any respite. I am sure, like me, many wouldn’t have known about her existence in the Indian political backdrop…not that it matters, but it certainly would have helped us to relate to her. If it had to be a lady then why not pick someone who has the grit and the vigor to ensure CHANGE.

While I write this, one name which continues to flash in my mind is Roman Magsaysay Laureate- Kiran Bedi…lady who has always set a paradigm for young generations to follow. She exudes a nationwide appeal, which is as genuine as her work has been…No charades…no facades…She is strong, yet so graceful. She also happens to possess a forte, which Mr. Kalam had, and which turned out to be topping the list of qualities people wanted in their Presi…Non Political Association.
So did we miss out on some real candidates for Presidential election?
This question would remain unanswered like so many of them have been in the past….Sighhhh…

Many claim, that even Kalam wasn’t able to do anything out of league from the banal activities of a president; however what they are definitely overlooking is the magnanimous impact which Kalam has till date on the youth of this country. Can Pratibha Patil have the inductive effect? My doubts stand very much intact in their place.

There were plenty of polls thru all channels of media to reflect the choice of people, but all in vain. People’s choice was conveniently ignored by the people’s representatives, who feigned to be doing their best.

Albeit I am an optimist, I am unable to thwart the skepticisms from my mind…I am unable to jettison the disappointments and fear, which have found an abode in my heart ever since this battle began.

The time is crucial,
The Fate is uncertain,
In between, lies the banal answer….
They hog power,
They hog money,
Where is the Well being of people, honey?

I keep my fingers crossed while my heart wishes that I get proved wrong…at least this time for sure!!!

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