Monday, June 18, 2007

Structured Query (Language)???

"Develop your SQ", were the words of wisdom from my boss to me. It sounded too familiar to me, but still couldn't decode what he meant by SQ.

Perhaps it's some kind of a new computer language or a new tool which is being used by my company. Maybe my boss forgot that its SQL and not SQ !

The age old existing languages still appear Greek and Latin to me, leave alone fathoming the new in this field .

Luckily I did not vocalize my thoughts and buried them in some grey cells in my brain.

"Aweready (accented version of alright), then. See ya on Monday. Think over how you would achieve your SQ." My boss told me. He was foreign returned and always made a point to reflect that thru his accent.

"Sure sir". I had no option but to make him feel that he was very clear in defining his requirements to me.

"Have a nice weekend. See you on Monday" said my boss and zoomed out of the office.


I heaved a sigh of relief.

The thought of weekend had blinded me towards everything else, so I pushed that stupid sounding SQ out of mind for a while.

I packed my bag hurriedly and dashed out of the office. This was only after ensuring that my boss had left.

After reaching home I collapsed on the bed, as if I had returned from a war.

I prepared a cup of hot ginger tea and made myself comfortable on my bed with today's newspaper. I was feeling very relaxed now. Don't know whether it was the ginger tea effect or the feeling of weekend. Whatever it was I was feeling calm and soothing.

As I was flipping the pages of the paper, my eyes fell on an article in the editorial section (my favorite section). It read "Leaders and Quotients".

I started to read and found it very engrossing till I came to a point where they had mentioned about various quotients like Intelligence, emotional and Spiritual……………..that means IQ, EQ and SQ.

Here I got a shocker. So was this the SQ, my dearest boss was referring to?

Spiritual Quotient.

Now who on earth invented this and why do I need to develop it?

I considered myself fairly intelligent enough to understand above average complexities in my projects. I said "above average". This bars geeky, rote, telegraphic representations of several computer languages.

Anyway, now that I knew what SQ stood for, I thought of knowing about it and the ways to develop it.

The news paper said SQ is the capability to look beyond (what?). Trying to understand the purpose of life and the best way to serve the distressed are qualities that are found normally in a mother who understands the needs of her children.

I wonder something which sounds so complicated would be how complicated to implement.

Being able to understand and exhibit high IQ and EQ were a challenge in themselves and now we are further being burdened with this concept of SQ.

How I wish at this moment, that all researchers could be put for hibernation till eternity. One day they come up with some study saying that eating XYZ is good for your health, as it would lower your risk of getting a heart attack. Other day some other study would reveal that the same XYZ would cause problems to a particular body part if consumed in excess.

This reminded me of old Tomato ketchup advertisement where a villain had tied up the hero and ordered his henchmen saying "Isko liquid nitrogen me dal do…nitrogen isko jeene nahin dega aur oxygen isko marne nahin dega…"

I felt comparable to that hero in the advertisement. These researchers would not let you die nor would they let you live.

Nevertheless, I still had to grapple to understand this concept.

I brushed aside all thoughts from my mind and sat down with the paper which said

"Spiritual intelligence touches the heart, mind and the spirit. When a leader develops high degree of spiritual intelligence the organization will definitely excel………"


  1. Gr8...stuff....Wish u'd keep it comin....Ted Parker

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