Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dreamsssss.....flying high

The blue sky, white clouds and the unexplored zones high above us are no more an arena dominated only by men!
Japji Kaur Cheema, 18 year old lass from Chandigarh, has earned the title of being the youngest commercial pilot of India.

The changing paradigms are reflective of the growing awareness among people about different career options and the rising desire to earn hefty packages.

Achieving such a feet requires a fire in the belly and the grit to stand by one's dream against all societal odds. This news brings back in my memory, the beliefs of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, the most famous character of Richard Bach. Jonathan is a mascot of passion and determination for people who nurture a dream and put in efforts to fulfill that.

Jonathan makes one believe that a life without any passion, any dream is a waste. Every life comes with a purpose. We need to unfurl that purpose and work towards achieving that; perfecting that.

Flying, since long, has been associated with men, as it was perceived to be risky and tough. These two adjectives still flank the profession of flying-be it commercial or for the airforce. What makes it commendable now is the fact that these adjectives are beginning to lose their charm on the minds of the people. Many women have gained expertise in this field and have reached high ranks, albeit this number is still small.

Myriads of factor have helped transcend this boundary and generate quasi-parity.

The respect which is generated for pilots topped up by fat packages makes it look glamorous to the laymen. Some get guided by their penchant for flying and some get bit by the bug of doing something different. Reasons could be countless as time has been boundless, but the results are before us.

This aptly reminds me of one of my dearest friend (who also happened to be my senior in my engineering college). While rest of the world took the usual path of being in the s/w world, she chose the path lesser traveled. She chose to become a pilot in the Indian airforce. Her parents take pride in being addressed as Ms. Pilot's Parents. It's worth to get a glimpse of their faces beaming with joy.

I duly respect all the professions (hailing from the land of Mahatma, does have its impact). However the feeling of doing something different is always stimulating.
Kudos to all those, who’ve strived to “be” different in their life and followed their passion to its achievement.

“Jonathan Livingston Seagull” has been the most inspiring book in my life, and unconsciously my mind tries to bring its metaphor in all events that happen to me in my life. Watching your dreams shape up and metamorphose into a reality can be the most humbling experience in a person’s life.

Japji would have already witnessed this exhilarating experience, so what are we waiting for?
Let us also take a plunge in the sea of our dreams and search for the pearl, garnered stealthily by our hearts.


  1. Beatufully written. And I share your opinion on Jonathan Livingston Seagull too!

  2. amd...
    thanks. jonathan is indeed a universal hero!!

  3. Yes even i feel proud to know that friend of yours.

  4. abhishek..
    indeed all of us are!!
    hope this reaches her as well :-)