Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Still the same…

Why do people ask me not to behave like a child anymore, when most of the things which I did in my childhood are still my favorite...when the smell of Maggie still melts in my mouth...when the thought of drinking plain white milk still makes me nauseating...when going to school/work is still an excitement for me...when dark clouds and drops of rain still drench my heart with rejuvenation and instill a new hope for tomorrow...when eating gajar-ka-halwa still seems nothing short of a punishment to me...when I still fight with my little brother but stand by him when someone else rebukes him....when sitting on the swings in parks still exhilarates my mind and makes me feel as though air is whispering freedom in my ear… when serials like I Dream of Jeanie and Small Wonder still make me glued to my television screen…when the festival of Holi still abodes in my heart and pumps up excitement in my mind with its vibrancy of colours, good food and dash of mischief all around…

So what if now my bag is filled with Lakme, Revlon and Maybelline instead of Camel, Natraj and what if now I enjoy reading Cosmopolitan, Filmfare and India Today instead of Champak, Nancy drew and Famous five what if now I love my stilettos, boots and pencil heels instead of ked, strappy flat sandals and shoes with light and what if now my shoulder hangs designer, fashionable and branded bags instead of backpacks and cross shoulder school what if my favorite possessions in my room are my laptop, cell phone and CD collections instead of Barbie dolls and kitchen what if the glass filled with milk and bournvita has got replaced with shots of tequila and lime in my hand….so what if my skirts have become shorter and hair has grown longer…so what if now I have to blend the roles of a wife and a daughter-in-law with those of a daughter, sister, friend and a professional… so what if my hands now hold a pen to create and narrate storylines instead of scribbling answers in examinations…

I am still the same girl who loved holding hands of her mom and dad and chatter with them non-stop…I am still the same girl who loved listening to stories before falling asleep….I am still the same girl who devoured salty and spicy food much more than sweets and sugary items….I am still the same girl who enjoyed quarreling with her siblings…I am still the same girl who loved wearing her sister’s clothes and perfumes and lecturing her little brother...I am still the same girl whose face would lit up with the thought of spending hours together in her big backyard garden to pluck vegetables and flowers for her mom…I am still the same girl for whom the joy of eating bhindi, baigan and capsicum is more agreeable than sinking her teeth in chicken, mutton and fish cuisines… I am still the same girl who gazed endlessly at the twinkling stars in the sky figuring out constellations and wondering if she would ever go beyond Orion, Great Bear and Scorpio….I am still the same girl who had dreams in her eyes and who thought that someday she would make a difference in this world with her ideas!


  1. I Am still the same too :)

    Nice scribbling Maddy...I just re-lived my childhood :D Memories of yesterday will never fade away...

    Am just glad and grateful that my hubby and inlaws have also accepted me the way I AM :)

  2. Stay the same, keep the child in you alive. Life is strange, gets brutal at times. If not for the little things we love; bournvita in milk, stars in galaxy; Life would make us rude n over practical.
    You have a wonderful space here. Shall visit again :)
    Kp Writing!!

  3. aww:-) super.....i hope my future husband and family accepts me the way I AM :-) heheheh....
    Way to go mad....looking fwd to many more blogs by you:-)

  4. Yet another brilliant stuff from the writer who is not treated like a child any more :-) This will certainly fall in the category of "Paint by words".

    As for making a difference to the world, you are already doing it by your writings!!

  5. gr8 work Mad.
    i'll hv to keep a few things in mind for future ;-)

  6. When you are a child, anything you do is done without a moments thought to the consequences but when you are an adult, you have to think about the consequences of your actions - that i think is what people mean when they say, do not act like a child.........everything else you have written, its your likes and dislikes which will never change and do not have to.......

  7. Childhood Days were surely awesome...Madhu you bring back pit-loads of memories with your post...really touching....

    Keep penning...


  8. OH! MY!!! GODDDDD!!!!!!!!! u wont believe wat a coincidence it is but i was jus writing on de same lines a few days back.. amazing work babes.. boosts me to finish de write up :)

  9. Wow Madhu...That was touching and nostalgic.

  10. @RP.. Thanks darling..m thrilled :)
    @KK...arre! who wudn't accept ur mannerisms.. beauty personified.. :) Thanks for ur appreciation babe..
    @Richa... Thanks girl! happy that u found it interesting..hope that my pen is able to attarct your attention in future as well :)
    @Deep...thanks babe.. it wud certainly happen :) that's wat i call as motivation :) Thank u so much for your generous words.. hopefully i get to make all ur words come true dude..!
    @Ankur..oh yes! i can give u heaps load of more..but then m sure u gonna pick up on ur own ;)
    @ Archu ...are aap to serious ho gaye! it is written in lighter vein babe :)
    @Che ..Thanka lot JJ :)childhood memories are certainly sumthing which stir our emotions even today :)
    @Prashant..Thanks kumar singh :)! nows that defintely a coincidence..glad it interested u... wud luv to read ur version as well babe..
    @Shubha .. m glad u liked it :)

  11. I miss the YOU that yu still are sooooooo much. And i don't think i need to tell yu jus how amazing each one of yur write-ups are :D Yu're jus brilliant :)

  12. Hey nostalgic after reading this write up.Wat a time yaar!!!I am sure nothing has changed between the three of us and given a chance we will still squabble ;)
    And you dont have to change atleast for wardrobe is always open to you :)
    luv u babe...

  13. awesomeee....good true..

  14. @Sreemoyee...MU2 babe...! nice to know that youngsters too like it ;)
    @Bandita...thank u so much Di... dont worry, the squabbles and patching up cycle will carry on u 2 :)
    @It's me.... Thanks :)