Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wake Up.....!

And yet another blow to the pride of our secular nation! …. while previous wounds have still not healed, the nation is bleeding and weeping, afresh. However, this time the pain is not over the wounds of the past, but over the hot-off-the fire debasement which has lacerated the soul of the nation yet again. This outrage came in wake of a recent statement made by Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, "Mumbai belongs to India. That is how I look at it. And I am a Maharashtrian and I am extremely proud of that but I am an Indian first". Mr. Thackeray saw this as an attempt to attenuate the image of Marathi “manoos”, which he had created some years ago to bulk up his vote bank. It sure has worked well for him, but in the bargain has created a rift between people of the same nation! A rift, created to satiate the false ego of a power hunger political sycophant.

Amitabh Bachchan to Sachin Tendulkar, all have borne the tongue-lashings of this man, who is a self-proclaimed protagonist of the interests of the Marathi “manoos”. Little does he realize that his whims and fancies are not only costing lives of hundreds of people but also creating bitterness amongst the various sections of people of this country.

Who on earth would interpret, that praises for India first and Maharashtra second would demean Maharashtra’s stature in the country? Only Bal Thackeray has such acumen and its quite unfortunate that he shares his acumen with the rest of the country garbed in his venomous speeches!

People of such mental make-up take undue liberty of being in a democratic country. Freedom of speech gets mocked at royally! With ageing body, Mr. Thackeray (Bal and Raj, both) seems to have forgotten that Maharashtra is a part of India and Indian citizens do not require a passport or a visa to live and work there. Contrary to the general sentiments of the Indians, the duo of Thackerays think that expression of love is ruining our culture; they believe that loyalty towards Maharashtra comes before loyalty towards India. Hold on! This isn’t it. They also firmly believe that every person in Maharashtra should carry out his/her business in Marathi language. Good Lord! Then why am I able to see his very own site (http://www.shivsena.org) displaying the usage of English language? May be, this is what is defined as “Hypocrisy” in the dictionaries.

It’s high time when such people put their head on shoulders and refrain from creating divide of any kind in India. Our country has had enough of hair-brained political games played on the behest of religion and caste. If we, the common man of India, do not rise and wake up to this call, then we would have no one to blame for the innumerable sufferings in the future. Of course media has to work hand-in-glove with the common man, by not giving extra mileage to inflammatory opinions of such people.

The time has come and the time is now! Either we shut our ears towards the strategic “divide and rule” sermons of such power hungry goondas (calling them politicians would be a misnomer) or we gear ourselves for ripping our country into 28 smaller pieces. The choice is ours.


  1. Absolutely dear! Well written.I wud say that the criticism made by Mr. Thackrey is yet another attack on India very similar to that of 26/11.Where was "SENA" hiding when outsiders (attackers of 26/11 n not ppl frm other states) intruded. Nevertheless, the onus is on the common man to over come these attacks, why vote for these so called "goondas" n give 'em power, just to add another mockery of Assembly n Indian Constitution. Hope every common man reads this blog and gears up to first fight against these terrorists within the country.

  2. I absolutely agree with you Maddy...Such hypocrites I tell you...When I was looking at the entire episode the MNS party people themselves were talking in "Hindi" i.e. our national language while talking to the media and if a Minister in the Cabinet tells the speech in our national language "Hindi", the MNS party people start beating him up and that too being captured live on National Television. This is unacceptable. But who are we to say? We the Indians choose such people over educated politicans and then we crib about such incidents and look out for justice.Hmphhh! Its just sad that our Government also shuts their eyes on such issues or creates a political angle rather than resolving the whole issue. Anyways Love your blog...Keep posting...Love Karishma!

  3. Its high time we started attacking the bigger evils in our society than focussing on the trivial issues of false nationhood & statehood...

    People like Raj & Bal have no place in a culturally-rich country like ours...


  4. Nicely written blog!!
    We are now only living in an illusion of being democratic. Just leading our own selves on. In reality, we are nothing but some abject slaves to these politicians. To those of us that are not influenced by them, just limit ourselves to exchanging thoughts on blogs till the time the news is hot, and then they'r laid back to rest untill another such repugnant event errupts and jolts our emotions. The influenced lot are the little sheeps of these poiliticians, they are conditioned such that this is what they live and die for. All for the personal gratification of those dictators, and not just in maharshtra, but all over the country. This country is in a desperate need of a leader and that is the only way out.

    Jai Hind!!!

  5. As usual this is another way of getting know in the world... condemn someone else and this is the tool that Shiv Sena are too good in doing... they have been doing this since ages... anyways now people have come to know of this old dogs tactics and should not fall... but then these goons have their own ways.... as for the old tiger with one leg in the grave and one dangling out of the coffin... i dont think we should even give him the importance he has received afetr criticizing Tendulkars statement.

    Anyways Madhu... awesome thoughts and nicely put across...

  6. The largest democracy in the world is stronger than this. We have survived much worse. Let us not let the rantings of an old man undermine the secularity that we are all proud of. The media has a responsibility in this regard. As citizens we owe it to our country to vote such regressive ideologies out.
    Kudos to you Madhu for a very thought provoking blog.

  7. @Shashi, Karishma, Nishant, Prachi, Rixon and Arathi

    Thank u so much guys!... Firstly for going thru the article and secondly for sharing ur thoughts over it.

    I totally agree that penning down few lines wudnt move a straw to change the existing situation..but nevertheless it allows me to share my point of view with the rest of you....and if such thoughts are strong enough then nothing would prevent them from metamorphosing into actions... Remember, a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step... I am taking a step towards openly condemning wat wrong is being done around...hopefully some day it would avalanche into actions to jettison the dadagiri of Thackerays and their ilks.

    Till then keep reading, and keep sharing..


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  9. Shivsena has already started loosing their ground in Maharastra. I am sure if in case Sachin Tendulkar starts his own party after this incident and contest in state election then he'll be able to hit a clean cover drive and all on ground will just stand still to see his stance. This is one big error made by Shivsena - getting politics into sports, at the time when an Indian sports, according to me, is doing all time great.

    Mr. Thackeray(s) should realize that there are so many Marathis too who move out seeking opportunities. Also what ever there Mumbai is today is because of others who have moves in to contribute to growth of that town. Be it Birlas, Ambanis or Tatas, 3 biggest business barons of India, and several who have set up there head-office at Mumbai. It is a financial capital because of all the firms who have set up there business in the city.

    In case this continue I am sure there will be many business that may think of closing down and move there base to some other state. No other state has started similar attack on Marathis. I hope it remains the same way. There is no space for a similar shameful action in our country.

  10. Cudnt agree more. Again as in your previous post (next one), its the politicians and their dirty policies that destroy the country more than the external forces. If these guys are to create enmity among the fellow citizens and split them into n number of subsets, how can they talk about national integration and unity?? if they let the people to be united, the external forces cudnt have found the way into our country.

    its hightime these kinda people are punished and like minded people like Karunanidhi, shiv ram sena are taught a lesson. Hoping for new blood into the politics, who think only abt the welfare of the people