Sunday, May 24, 2009

They came, they saw and they CONQUERED

The perfect week saw a perfect ending...
The entire nation went swinging through the hysteric phase of poll results and the IPL finals. But when the verdict was out some sobbed, some laughed and some watched it stealthily.

From the magnanimous rise of the underdogs to the incessant steering towards stability, we saw it all!
Amidst rattling speculations and media hype our nation reposed its love and faith in the Manmohanomics government, while on the other hand the IPL cup was bravely won by the Deccan Chargers of Hyderabad with a perfect nail biting they say in french!

So, while I go and have a perfect good night sleep, hope the ever enthusiastic fans of RCB would cheer up with the fact that their pet team is at No. 2 position, way above the rung earned by them in IPL season 1...afterall isn't effort more important than the result?


  1. Haan ji Padh Liya....

    Vocabulary badhi:Manmohanomics
    Gyan mila : End mein ?
    Fan count : +1

  2. @ Chandan,

    Thanks mate ;)
    ...aisi hi kripa banayi rakhiye..