Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Young .....and the Restless

"Juvenile crime" is the most raging word of the year so far, with news pouring from across the country about young minds behind some ghastly deeds. It is not for the first time that such heart rendering news are gracing the media reports, but yes, the frequency of such incidents is enough to raise an alarm towards the emerging paradigm in the crime world, which might flourish into a nightmarish trend, sooner or later!

Such news makes me wonder if India’s doing a US.

What prompts these children to take such extreme steps? Is too much exposure to violence instilling a desire to act in this manner, or inability of their kith and kin to share and understand their problems pushing them to indulge in such gory acts? Or could there be a third angle to it.
Causes could be numerous, but the effect is only one. Crime in various forms like death, burglary and rape to name a few.

Though these are case specific incidents, they force me to wonder if we are witnessing a trend catching up in India. Tolerance level has indisputably plummeted not only in the 25+ category, but also amongst children (both kids and teenagers).Blame it to the high pressurizing schedule at work and school or the over exposure to the violence through all forms of media. The impact is slowly percolating deep down and becoming visible with each generation passing by. And, if we delve a little deeper, the fault is not entirely of media or work culture. Parents also need to develop an understanding of their child’s environment. Not every issue can be settled by children themselves. Parental intervention becomes necessary, especially when there is violence and vulgarity involved. The majority of onus lies on schools and parents in mentoring children. Such incidents are perturbing especially, when we speak of Indian youth creating global stir for their talent on one hand and teenagers killing people on the other. A clear dichotomy gets reflected here. A dichotomy which might not get well digested in some time, if proper check at the right time is not taken.

Another poignant aspect to juvenile crime is when it gets performed on another juvenile mind!It’s a double edged sword where two minds and souls are slaughtered at the same time.

Are we heading towards a progressive or a regressive society?
It baffles me to even think of what goes in the mind of a child while committing felony of the highest orders. It indeed runs a chill down my spine merely trying to put myself their shoes. I dare not, I can not! All that’s left in my heart and mind right now is the remnant of the sweetness and the innocence that is associated with the word “childhood”. Such grisly events might soon reduce these remnants into memories of yesterdays.

Sweeping such incidents under the carpet and ignoring this pattern would only increase the complexity of resolving it. It’s better to wake up now and see around your child, before the bliss of your ignorance towards her/him ruins the beautiful future you have concocted for your child.

Are we willing to let that happen? Maybe, we all need to think about it.


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