Thursday, September 4, 2008

Scramble in a Valley...

Heavy traffic, maddening rush, unpredictable rain, incomprehensible language….phewww!!!...Just a few of the things that irritate a person, who steps in this much hyped city, tendering dreams of a luxurious life. Dreams do get fulfilled in due course of time, but in this mad rat-race our newly turned bangalorean jostles through numerous doses of daily tortures.
Along with playing home for IT giants of the country aka Silicon Valley, Bangalore is also hosting thousands of North Indians and would soon earn the name PG Valley in the near future!

(Interestingly, a person who does not belong to either of the elite States – Karnataka, Kerela, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh is comfortably branded as North Indian. Either West and East directions are not very appealing to them or they choose to be oblivious towards these directions. This mystery might need Sherlock Holmes' brilliance to get unfurled)

So even before our bangalorean gets to live the much puffed up glamour of the city, she gears up (of course forcefully) for the ordeal which awaits her while she plans to park herself in some cozy place.

To set the ball rolling our lady browses through the net and goes through all the ads for PGs and rented flats. The process is tiring as the ads are non descriptive, weird, funny and some even try to redefine the English language. She just didn't know what sense to make out of ads like "Decent PG for Decent girls"…now come on we didn't know that Bangaloreans are so smitten with the IT fever that they would have the know-how of differentiating between decent and indecent girls in one look itself!
One ad was too generous in giving details like "PG accommodation for all kind of ladies" (????!!!!$$$$$)… Well hello…good morning, we didn't know as yet that ladies are also of different kinds. Some one was definitely donning the hat of Charles Darwin to discover the new class and sub-class for the fairer sex. Completing this trilogy was the ad, which read something like this "2BHK with extremely homely, safe, clean surrounding for ladies who are willing to share their bed" What on earth this person was thinking while posting this ad… and by the way did this person know that this could land him behind the bars for promoting trafficking !!!!..As a friend of mine keeps saying "Kalyug Kalyug" ....psstttt...
Our lady some how jostled thru this journey and found a place of her liking in an area which was well connected to the city. A nice place to stay in this busy city sounds like a great start…. only if it could be…"Well begun is half done" did not hold true in this case though….So what happened next ????

….well, well, well….let us not steal the pleasure of initial warmth of this city from our lady…so while she enjoys her new abode lets take a break and peek somewhere else(he he he...impish thought :D)…stay tuned for more updates of our lady's spiced up life in the next part!!!


  1. Lol funny things happen in PG valley from decency to traffickin. Nice post....

  2. :-):-) reminded me of our pg hunting days!!good one!!

  3. chaggoholic ~~~ thank u pal...PG valley hasnt earned its name for nothing...keep reading :-)

  4. Richa ~~~ thanks lady!!..yeah reminded me of those days too..and hence the nostalgia is here as a blog :-)

  5. @Aditya,
    Thanks :)
    Believe me all the mentioned "ads" actually were published in newspaper/website !!