Sunday, January 27, 2008

Child behind a Man......

I am prompted to write this article, after going through plethora of opinions posted by different users on different issues, and a common paradigm emerging out of it is the "bitterness" in their opinions. Of course, this excludes the group which expresses its fury over genuine issues.

Sometimes I wonder what makes this handful of people to turn acrimonious without actually anything happening against their world. Well, the answer could be manifold, but the consequence is definitely not pleasant. Such defensive attitude gives a glimpse of their poor confidence level, or the compulsive desire to get noticed by the world or to belch hatred and harshness to revenge for the improper treatment meted out to them in childhood. What they need is a sound support and counseling to remedify the fear gripping their mind.

Recent screening of movie Taare Zameen Par also highlighted a similar cause. These people need someone who can understand them and appreciate their concerns and fears.

However, for those of you who indulge in such pen lashing should remember that life is a reflection of one’s own deeds. So beware and watch out. Your pen lashings are soon going to back fire upon you!

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