Saturday, December 15, 2007

The new Indian Religion - Youthism

Faded jeans, half tucked shirt or a funky Tee, expensive mobile, gum chewing mouth churning Yankee English…..does this ring a bell in your mind?

The youth of Today's India

This however is just a lop-sided reflection of our youth.
Apart from living in Levis, keeping time with Cartier, and walking in Gucci, these youngsters also exude dynamism, confidence and the alacrity to beat the best in the world.

Indian youth, today, have transcended all boundaries and achieved the zenith in all major walks of life. They are the true and new face of our burgeoning economy. India is the new buzzword in the global dictionary with everybody from business to politics wanting to share the spot light with India. This success is unprecedented, in the history of India. The youth of this generation knows its mind and leaves no stone unturned to achieve what it dreams of. One could completely get bamboozled with the various facets to our young generation. Their aplomb and killer instinct can keep people, riveted forever.

The screening of recent film "Chak de India" also accentuated the spirit of juvenescence in India, and showcased that if grit, determination and focus form the cardinal pillars of any person, conquering zenith would not be too far. "Chak de…" was Indian youth personification to the fullest. The movie succeeded in instilling a mixed feeling of patriotism and unflinching zeal to actualize one's dream.

With globalization and advent of internet, information has become ubiquitous like god and air. There is nothing which can not be known by entering the world of "www". Our tech savvy youth have completely exploited this boon and polished themselves to compete with the finest brains of the world. While this remains a common scene in the cities of India, the rural side still remains aloof from the benedictions of such developments. India has beautifully transfigured into the "Wanna Be" countries of the world and little more effort from this exuberant generation can do wonders to our motherland. It is not a surprise when we hear about our IITians and IIM grads, being recruited by the "who's who" of the corporate world. This talent pool has earned huge laurels for Indian, everywhere. Such is the power of our youth that India is now being considered a major challenger to the world super power, U.S.A!!!

The youth of India, representing a third of our population, constitute a vital and vibrant human resource. They have not only proved their mettle in the field of work, but have also exhibited the humane aspect of their character. Today's youth doesn't shy away from shouldering the responsibility of lending helping hand to the needy people.

This rare combination of qualities makes them a class apart from their contemporaries across the globe. Hats off to our promising generation for their endeavors towards excelling in life, now and always!!

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